Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying to Sell My Corvettes

Well I had a few people show up today Sunday to look at my corvettes...tire kickers....I expected that...can't say I wasn't a little disappointed...everyone wants a cheap deal...I know the economy is not doing well but I ain't givin it away. I will put them back online again this week and see what happens - at least I get to relist it for free on ebay.
Come on I know there are some serious buyers out there - I am here waiting to show you these cherry sweet corvettes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Poor Jim is Selling his Corvettes

It is not just a matter of having to clean out the garage - this past year and the one before it has been hell on my bank account and my relationship...just like alot of other people I am treading time to sell the toys...
but the way I look at it - at least my dollars hold their value invested in corvettes and go up in value whereas real estate has taken a big hit. I don't feel so bad knowing that I am not the only one that misjudged the stock market and real estate market. If I had known sooner I would taken my money out of the stock market and bought more corvettes - I would of been better off. So now is the time to buy cause everybody is in the same boat as me...and if your not - good for you - than buy my corvette.
As Always - the Jimster.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting out of the stock market

I have decided to get out of the stock market and pursue other things like downsizing my vast inventory of corvettes and golf clubs. So check back here to see what I will be selling next.
I know all of you think it is because Ann wants me to clean out the garage but I really have been thinking of cleaning out the garage for a very long is so full of stuff I can't even walk around my corvettes so...time to get rid of somthing....
This is as far as I've gotten started on it- but at least it's a start.
If I'm not online I will be out in the garage polishing my babies.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stock Market is Looking Up Now for Staples

The stock market is looking stronger now, dollars is stronger with oil having gone down so far and gold too. Lots of bargains out there in financials.
Plenty of good deals that will be going up and up -especially in staples such as Kraft Foods - cheap easy to prepare foods, Coca Cola has a great international market. THink about what you buy now when you go shopping - whats cheap and easy to make - less people are going out to eat to save money and are economizing at home so think along those lines when finding stocks. What companies make the cheap and easy to cook at home meals? What companies have a large international audience?
Penney Stocks are a great deal right now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Drop in Oil - Gold Going Up - What's Next

Looks like it may be an up day with Oil dropping in Asia today. No I don't feel sorry for those oil traders - they've seen their hey day - at least for a little while I hope. I would like to see gas prices drop below $4 just like everyone else. Yesterday the market did drop quite a bit but ended up correcting itself but I still see it dropping even more gradually the rest of the week. Financials led that drop with little recovery. You will see alot of people getting out of commodities because of the oil drop. I like reading the Nikei news at about 2 am to see what the other side of the world is doing. Have a great middle of the week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gold is Up and Oil is Down - Wacky Market

How strange that gold is up and oil is down - when you think they should both be going up simultaneously. What is happening here? I guess oil hit a high and is correcting itself - rumor has it because consumption in the US has dropped because the price got too high.


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I'm still here watching the Dow drop and correct itself - will post more later.

Me and My Friends Corvettes