Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying to Sell My Corvettes

Well I had a few people show up today Sunday to look at my corvettes...tire kickers....I expected that...can't say I wasn't a little disappointed...everyone wants a cheap deal...I know the economy is not doing well but I ain't givin it away. I will put them back online again this week and see what happens - at least I get to relist it for free on ebay.
Come on I know there are some serious buyers out there - I am here waiting to show you these cherry sweet corvettes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Poor Jim is Selling his Corvettes

It is not just a matter of having to clean out the garage - this past year and the one before it has been hell on my bank account and my relationship...just like alot of other people I am treading time to sell the toys...
but the way I look at it - at least my dollars hold their value invested in corvettes and go up in value whereas real estate has taken a big hit. I don't feel so bad knowing that I am not the only one that misjudged the stock market and real estate market. If I had known sooner I would taken my money out of the stock market and bought more corvettes - I would of been better off. So now is the time to buy cause everybody is in the same boat as me...and if your not - good for you - than buy my corvette.
As Always - the Jimster.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting out of the stock market

I have decided to get out of the stock market and pursue other things like downsizing my vast inventory of corvettes and golf clubs. So check back here to see what I will be selling next.
I know all of you think it is because Ann wants me to clean out the garage but I really have been thinking of cleaning out the garage for a very long is so full of stuff I can't even walk around my corvettes so...time to get rid of somthing....
This is as far as I've gotten started on it- but at least it's a start.
If I'm not online I will be out in the garage polishing my babies.

Me and My Friends Corvettes